Swanson Orchestra

Swanson Orchestra

Caroline Levy

Orchestra Director

Swanson Middle School


Welcome to the Swanson Orchestra! This year you will enhance your musical foundation through the study of orchestral performance.  I take great pride in being a part of the orchestra program at Swanson and it is very important to me that you also take pride and enjoy our program.  We all have the opportunity to put forth our best effort and get the most out of our time together in orchestra. It is my hope that this is just the beginning of your lifelong musical journey and that through orchestra you will:

  • Advance your understanding of musical concepts
  • Develop performance skills to play your instrument with a beautiful tone
  • Improve music literacy
  • Practice cooperation and self-discipline

The Swanson Orchestra Handbook is can be accessed here: SMS Orchestra Handbook 2022-2023. Please volunteer your time and talents to the Swanson Orchestra Boosters. We will need your help with fundraising, making events run smoothly, and chaperoning activities.