The School Counselor and Student Mental Health

School counselors recognize and respond to the need for mental health and behavioral prevention, early intervention and crisis services that promote psychosocial wellness and development for all students. School counselors are prepared to address barriers and to assess ways to maximize students’ success in schools, communities and their family structure by offering education, prevention, and crisis and short-term intervention until the student is connected with available community resources. (ASCA 2015)

Counseling Services Personnel 2017-2018

Located on the first floor in Room 111

Office Hours: 7:30am – 4:00pm

Rana Luthra (Director of Counseling)

Mohammad Zishhan – 6th Grade Counselor (all teams)

Michelle (Catherine) Wilkes – 7th Grade Counselor (Manatees & Narwhals teams)

Chrissy Reardon 7th Grade Counselor (Orcas & Seahorses teams)

Laura Goodwyn 8th Grade Counselor (Schooners & Caravels teams)

Melissa Ortiz  – 8th Grade Counselor (Clippers, Galleons & HILT teams)


Support Staff:

Karla Pineda
Jackie Torres
Special Education Administrative Assistant
Myrna Gonzalez
HILT Resource Assistant/Parent Liaison
Rocio Rivero
Mia Elliott
Administrative Assistant to the Counseling office

What other support is available in office?

  • Sharen Humann, Resource Teacher for the Gifted – 703.228.5529
  • Sandra Stoppel, Occupational Therapist – 703.228.2343
  • Melissa Stone, Speech Therapist – 703.228.2349
  • Liska Friedman, Social Worker – 703.228.2345
  • Jennnifer Phillipp, Psychologist – 703.228.2346
  • Jenny Sexton, Substance Abuse Counselor -703-228-2631 or 703-228-605