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Contact Information
Whitney Field, M.Ed
Resource Teacher for the Gifted
Twitter: @msfieldwrites

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Whitney Field -She/Her/Hers

@HeatherAtkins95 Right!!! Have they not seen the sheer delight on our faces when we put on a dress and discover pockets?? Also tell Cara I say hello!!
Published March 02, 23 9:29AM

Whitney Field -She/Her/Hers

This goes out to every company that designs blazers. STOP SEWING THE POCKETS SHUT. We want the pockets. We need the pockets. The extra step to reveal the pocket is wasting my precious time that I could be storing treasures in my pockets. On behalf of everyone everywhere. Stop.
Published March 02, 23 7:04AM

Whitney Field -She/Her/Hers

@NAGCGIFTED The link does not work. Can you please update? Thank you!
Published February 01, 23 8:18AM