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6th Grade Science

Invasive Species:
Virginia Invasive Species 
Invasive and Exotic Species of North America
National Invasive Species Council

Animal Diversity Web
Animals of the Rainforest
Plants of the Rainforest
Blue Planet Biomes: Rainforest Animals
Blue Planet Biomes: Rainforest Plants
DK Find Out: Animals and Nature
Encyclopedia of Life
Global Biodiversity Information Facility
Minnesota Zoo
Sacramento Zoo
San Diego Zoo Animals
Tree of Life Web Project
All About Frogs

Helpful Websites:

Science Buddies
Scientific American 

Science Databases:

Gale Science In Context
Gale Science In Context

Gale General Science Collection
Gale General Science

eLibrary Science

SIRS Discoverer


Brainpop Science

Science Fair Information and Resources
Part 1: Selecting Your Topic
Use Science Buddies or browse the databases listed above for possible topics.
Part 2: Research
In order to find information, once you have your topic, you need to narrow your focus when searching.  Figure out the best keywords to use for your topic.  Here is a basic strategy adapted from Theresa Flynn, head of APS Library Services:

  1. When you begin a research project, start with a general source.  This can be an encyclopedia or a specific reference book.  Check with the library staff to determine what item will best serve your needs.  A general source should give you the basics on your topic — Who, What, Where, and When.  The answers to these questions will give you an idea of where else to look.
  2. Ask yourself lots of questions about your topic.  What do you know already?  What do you need to know?  Brainstorm a list of KEYWORDS — related terms and phrases you can mix and match when looking up your topic online.
  3. Start small.  When you go online, start with a basic search engine, or a specific database.  Hint: if you get over 300 hits, your search is too broad!
  4. Feel free to see the library staff for information on additional resources of interlibrary loan (ILL).  You aren’t limited to just the resources at Swanson!

Some resources you may consider using:

Other Good Sites (from Matt Hubbard, Virginia Tech ’08):