Orchestra Concert Attire

6th Grade Orchestra
White dress shirt, long black pants or long black skirt, black dress shoes, black socks must be worn with long pants

7th and 8th Grade Orchestra
White tuxedo shirt, black cumberbund, black bow-tie, long black pants, black dress shoes, black socks
Alternate option: white tuxedo shirt, long black skirt, black dress shoes (no cumberbund or tie necessary if wearing long skirt)

Ordering information:
Swanson Music Department T-Shirts are available for order each fall for delivery mid-October. T-Shirts are required for all orchestra members as they are used for outdoor events and for trips. A small reserve of gently used shirts and hoodies are available for students in financial need.

Other concert attire should be purchased individually from your favorite retailer. Oftentimes concert attire is donated back to the school as students move on to high school. This will be made available at the instrumental parents back to school meeting in the fall.