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About Ms. Rosenthal




Sophie Rosenthal is a Theatre Educator and Artist from Washington DC. Growing up in DC, theatre classes and after school shows were a safe space for creativity, expression and growth. As a teacher, Ms. Rosenthal’s top goal is to provide that same space for her students. Her courses focus on making theatre and performance accessible, and highlighting the importance of life skills such as communication, collaboration,  and creativity.

Ms. Rosenthal received her teaching license from Ohio Wesleyan University in 2012, graduating cum laude with a degree in Theatre Education and a multi-age theatre teaching license. After two years of teaching artistry and professional theatrical work, Sophie continued her studies graduating summa cum laude from NYU Steinhardt with a Masters in Educational Theatre. Ms. Rosenthal has worked in the education wing of a number of area theaters and programs including Shakespeare Theatre, Adventure Theatre, Olney Theatre, Educational Theatre Company, Theatre Lab, and Round House Theatre.

Some of Ms. Rosenthal’s past directorial works include The Girl Who Captured the Moon, Bye Bye Birdie, The Music Man, Into The Woods, The Little Mermaid, Addams Family, and The Wizard of Oz and as a bardophile her favorite content to teach will always be Shakespeare. Ms. Rosenthal loves to cook, travel, and play with her Turkish Van cat, Dodger.