Teen Advisory Board or Talk About Books is a book club where students read and review new books for the library. The Arlington County Public Library has TAB groups in all of the public middle schools and a high school group that meets monthly at the Central Library.  At the end of every school year, each school’s TAB group votes for its favorite titles from the year. The Arlington Public Library then adds short descriptions to each title and make the lists available in all of its Young Adult areas.  This helps students find out which books other students liked and what was popular in different schools.

To join Swanson’s TAB group, just attend a meeting. If you miss a meeting or two, that is okay, just join us as often as the meetings fit in your schedule. You will get to read and review new books and discuss them with each other. If you don’t want to talk but want to hear what other students are reading, that is okay too.

This year’s TAB schedule will be announced soon.

The All TAB author visit will be announced as soon as we know!