Important Numbers

Swanson Middle School
5800 N. Washington Boulevard
Arlington, VA 22205
School Day: 7:50am – 2:24pm

Important Numbers

Main Office 703.228.5500
Fax Number 703.536.2775
Assistant Principals 703.228.5500
Attendance 703.228.5506 (please call by 8:00 am)
Activities Office 703.228-5510
*Homework Line 703.228.5507 (if absent 2 or more days)
Counseling Services 703.228.5508,  For Fax – 703-228-5532
Cafeteria 703.228.5516
Clinic 703.228.5515 or 703.228.5514
Check-In 703.228.5497

*Homework Line

If a student is absent two or more days parents may call the Homework Line 703.228.2003. Parents must call by 8:30 a.m. in order to pick up homework after 3:30 p.m. If a student is absent for one day they must obtain homework via Blackboard or from a classmate.

Blackboard Login Instructions

Username: Student’s ID# (940063)
Password: Student’s Date of Birth (041392) – Must be 6-digits