Tech Knowledge

  1. To Delete the PowerTest app
  2. Student iPad Setup Cheat Sheet

If you completed the PowerTest settings incorrectly, please follow the below directions.

  1. Open PowerTest on the iPad
  2. Tap and hold the computer icon in the bottom left corner of the screen until a box appears with a blinking cursor. (It’ll seem like you’re holding it a long time—could be 15 seconds.)
  3. Type “help” followed by today’s date backward (e.g. Today is the 19th, so help91 for today. If today were the 4th, you’d type help40.)
  4. The Diagnostic Panel will open on the left side of the screen. Click the Settings button in the upper left of that panel.
  5. The location Selection menu will open
  6. Tap United States
  7. Tap Virginia
  8. Tap Arlington. The Client Code box should now read VA_ARLINGTON
  9. Tap Apply (This step crucial!)
  10. Tap OK

Some PowerSchool screenshots of this are available here:

iPad Setup Cheat Sheet:

  1. Select Hello, then English, scroll quickly to the bottom of the list and select the United States.
  2. Choose a Wi-Fi Network – Select APS.
  3. Type in your username (Student ID) and 10 digit password.
  4. Press Trust and then Next (upper right).
  5. Select Continue for Data & Privacy and Next for Remote Management (upper right).
  6. Again type your username and password.
  7. Select Continue for the next three screens.
  8. Press Get Started.
  9. Press the Home button, in the right column, scroll and press VPN.
  10. go to APS GlobalProtect VPN and press the blue i.
  11. turn off  Connect On Demand.
  12. Press the Home button.
  13. Press the Dismiss button when or if it appears (Can be up to 60 secs).
  14. When it the Global Protect app appears, press OK, and type in your password.
  15. Press the Home button, open the Agent app and press Always Allow.
  16. Type in your username, password, and check the box to Remember Username before pressing the Login button.
  17. Press Allow for Agent Notifications, then select I understand, and I Agree.
  18. Press Home button, go to Settings, Passcode, Turn Passcode On, and create a Passcode.
  19. Open the App Catalog then locate and install the apps you need for class.


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