Swanson Clubs!

ClubsCheck out the presentations from Swanson’s clubs below, along with contact information for all club sponsors! Looking to start your own virtual club? Send an email to Mr. Holland at trevor.holland@apsva.us

Club Name Sponsor(s) Meeting Day/Time
Art Club Ms. Stacy – jennifer.stacy@apsva.us

Tuesdays – 2:40-3:30PM



Developing Leadership Strategies in Young Men

Mr. Chelf – jacob.chelf@apsva.us


Mondays – 2:40-3:30

Room 130

C3 Club

Coloring, Creating, Comics Club


Ms. Brown – anne.brown@apsva.us

Tuesdays – 2:40-3:30

Room 157

Dungeons and Dragons Club

Tabletop Fantasy Board Gaming

Ms. Seward – yolande.seward@apsva.us

Thursdays – 2:40-3:30

Room 105

French Club Mr. Perrot – paul.perrot@apsva.us

Every Other Thursday – 2:40-3:30

Seas 16

Game Club

Lunchtime board games and fellowship

Ms. Wilkes – michelle.wilkes@apsva.us

Ms Reardon – christine.reardon@apsva.us

Ms. Goodwyn – laura.goodwyn@apsva.us

Ms. Lara-Ortiz – melissa.laraortiz@apsva.us

Fridays during Lunch

    • 6th grade – Room 159
    • 7th Grade – Room 254
    • 8th Grade – Counseling Conference Room
Swanson Green Team (Environmental Club) Ms. Reardon – christine.reardon@apsva.us Every other Thursday – Room 118
Gender Sexuality Alliance (GSA)


Ms. Goodwyn – laura.goodwyn@apsva.us

Mondays – 2:40-3:30

Room 159

Latina Youth Leading at Swanson (LYLAS)

Ms. Carpenter – maritza.carpenter@apsva.us


Mondays – 2:40-3:30

Seas 14


Math competition group

Ms. Partridge – laura.partridge@apsva.us Mondays and Thursdays – 2:40-3:30
Room 222

Purple Frogs

First YeaR Orientation Guides


Ms. Dyer-Dewitt – melissa.dyerdewitt@apsva.us

Every other Thursday 2:40-3:30

Room 227


Developing leadership in Young Women

Ms. Reardon – christine.reardon@apsva.us

Mondays – 2:40PM-3:30PM

Room 160

TAB Talking About Books Swanson Library Staff

During Lunches


Technology Student Association (TSA)

Design and build projects in engineering, robotics, and more!

Mr. Demarino – jim.demarino@apsva.us

During class period time and some after school projects

Room 126

Trading Card Game Club Mr. Tarquinio – eric.tarquinio@apsva.us

Tuesdays – 2:40-3:35

Room 230


Swanson’s Literary Magazine

Ms. Field – whitney.field@apsva.us

Ms. Chiu – cynthia.chiu@apsva.us

Thursdays – 2:40-3:30

Room 260

Zumba Club

Dance workout to international beats!

Ms. Rodriguez – nohra.rodriguez@apsva.us

Wednesdays – 2:40-4:15


Your Idea Here Email Mr. Holland (trevor.holland@apsva.us) with your idea for a great new club at Swanson!