Swanson Clubs!

ClubsCheck out the presentations from Swanson’s clubs below, along with contact information for all club sponsors! Looking to start your own virtual club? Send an email to Mr. Holland at trevor.holland@apsva.us

Club Name Sponsor(s) Meeting Day/Time
Animal Crossing Club Ms. Buckles – kayla.buckles@apsva.us Thursdays – 3:00-4:00PM

Mr. Berman – eric.berman@apsva.us

Mr. Farrell – peter.farrell@apsva.us

Mr. Murray – vincent.murray@apsva.us

Thursdays – 2:50PM-3:30PM
Castle Combat Club Ms. Williams – emily.williams@apsva.us Thursdays – 3:00-4:00PM
Game Club

Ms. Wilkes – michelle.wilkes@apsva.us

Ms Reardon – christine.reardon@apsva.us

Ms. Goodwyn – laura.goodwyn@apsva.us

Ms. Lara-Ortiz – melissa.laraortiz@apsva.us

Fridays during Lunch
Gender Sexuality Alliance (GSA)

Mr. Gill – thomas.gill@apsva.us

Ms. Goodwyn – laura.goodwyn@apsva.us

Tuesdays – 2:45PM-3:15PM
Latina Youth Leading at Swanson (LYLAS)

Ms. Lara-Ortiz – melissa.laraortiz@apsva.us

Ms. McGhee – karla.mcghee@apsva.us

Mondays – 2:30PM-3:00PM
MATH COUNTS Ms. Partridge – laura.partridge@apsva.us Once weekly, depending on student feedback
Sisterhood Ms. Reardon – christine.reardon@apsva.us Tuesdays – 3:00PM-3:30PM
Swanson Young Dems Ms. Merlene – kathryn.merlene@apsva.us Mondays – 2PM
TAB Talking About Books Swanson Library Staff TBA
Technology Student Association (TSA) Mr. Demarino – jim.demarino@apsva.us Tuesdays – 3:00PM-3:30PM
Wavelength Ms. McFarlane – leah.mcfarlane@apsva.us Thursdays after school
Your Idea Here Email Mr. Holland (trevor.holland@apsva.us) with your idea for a great new club at Swanson!