Teacher Tuesday!

Ms. Buckles in ClassMeet Ms. Buckles

Ms. Buckles is starting her 1st year of teaching as a 6th grade social studies teacher here at Swanson Middle School.   Ms. Buckles is a Double Duke who has completed both her graduate and undergraduate coursework at James Madison University. She has a B.A. in History and she received her Master of Arts in Teaching this past May.

Ms. Buckles comes from a long line of teachers. Notable teachers and administrators in her family include her mom, her younger sister, her grandmother, her great-great grandfather and numerous aunts.  Aside from her parents, who fostered her love of learning and “never complained when I wanted to spend hours at the library on a Saturday,” the very essence of history itself inspires her as a teacher.

The biggest joy of Ms. Buckles’ job is, “getting to work with tiny humans who dream big. I love watching students who struggled with a concept or skill finally understand it!”  When asked if there are any challenges, Ms. Buckles responded, “The biggest challenge of my job is reminding myself to take things day by day. I have a bad habit of trying to get things in order weeks in advance, and this is unrealistic in the world of education.”

Ms. Buckles can read, write, and speak French.  She is currently reading Victorian London:  The Tale of a City 1840-1870, by Liza Picard.

Ms. Buckles is certain that she has found her dream job in a school system that she believes,” encourages student-centered learning, celebrates diversity, and fosters an environment of excellence.”