Teacher Tuesday – Ms. Rivera!

Ms. Rivera

Meet Ms. Rivera

Ms. Rivera is a former Swanson Admiral!  Ms. Rivera is in her second year of teaching and comes to APS from James Madison University.  Ms. Rivera teaches Pre-Algebra and Algebra.

Ms. Rivera decided in the 10th grade that she wanted to be a math teacher.  In her words, “I had an AMAZING math teacher in high school who showed me how exciting math could be. She made me believe that I was good at math. I wanted to emulate that same enthusiasm for challenging math problems to my students and help them believe in their own mathematical ability.”

When asked what was the greatest joy of her job, Ms. Rivera responded, “The greatest joy of my job is seeing students make huge strides in their learning, all while discovering themselves. It is amazing how different students are from when you first meet them in September to when they leave for summer break in June”

How does Ms. Rivera keep herself motivated?  “Learning about new teaching strategies, such as math workshop and teaching on block schedule, have kept me motivated to be the best teacher I can be. Seeing the students enjoy the different stations of workshop and extra practice time from block schedule has helped be to continue to be the best teacher I can be for my students.”