Teacher Tuesday – Ms. Nemeth!

Ms. Nemeth in PE classMeet Ms. Nemeth!

Ms. Nemeth has worked in APS for six years as a Health and Physical Education teacher.  She decided on this career path in the fifth grade.  “As a student with a language based learning disability, Dyslexia, school always seemed to be an uphill battle.  Physical Education was a class where I consistently felt the playing field was leveled for me and I never felt “different” from the other students.”

When asked about the importance of her role in education Ms. Nemeth responded, “Students need to be healthy to be educated and educated to be healthy.” This quote supports why I believe our Health and Physical Education program is important. Many people think that in PE we just play sports all day- there’s much more to it than that. Communication, problem solving, goal setting and decision making are lifelong skills which every person uses in their everyday life. We teach students how to make decisions that impact their body and mind.”

Ms. Nemeth’s third grade teacher, Ms. R, was her role model.  When reflecting on Ms. R, Ms. Nemeth stated, “I tell my students that they may not remember everything I teach them, but they will remember the way I made them feel. I learned this from Ms. R. She took the time to get to know me, the whole child. I am thankful for her kind and caring demeanor.  To this day I still remember when she allowed me to eat lunch with her. That special one on one time meant more to me than she will ever know. I strive to be someone’s Ms. R, that a student thinks about 23 years later with fond memories because I left a last impression on them.”

If Ms. Nemeth were not teaching, she would travel the US and speak to students with Dyslexia.  “I would love to be the person I needed when I was their age. I would encourage them to embrace their strengths, do not focus on their weaknesses and that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Your journey may look different than your peers, but you will still reach the same destination as them. Trust me, it’ll be even sweeter when you do.”

Fun fact about Ms. Nemeth, “I am getting married on February 8, 2020. So next year I will be changing my name to Mrs. Zimmerman.”