Teacher Tuesday – Ms. Monek

Ms Monek's ClassMeet Ms. Monek

Ms. Monek grew up in a household were both her mother and father were teachers.  She explains that, “They both taught me that accomplishing your goals requires hard work and dedication. They also showed me that learning can and should be fun.”  She keeps the latter in mind when creating lessons for her students so that they will be excited and enthusiastic about learning.

Ms. Monek has been with APS for the last two years teaching English.  While in graduate school, Ms. Monek worked at Washington-Liberty as a long-term substitute teacher.  It was there that she encountered a group of English teachers that inspired her.  She stated, “The English teachers there (Ms. Jenny Bruesewitz, Ms. Sarah Becker, and Ms. Katrina Reed) gave me the tools and confidence to be a great teacher. They encouraged me to take risks, learn from my mistakes, and connect with students.”

The greatest joy of being a teacher for Ms. Monek is learning from her students.  “My students are some of the brightest, kindest people I have met. I am always amazed at how much they teach me about their passions and interests throughout the year. They exemplify what it means to be a good friend and citizen. Our students are still young, but they are so inspiring. “

Ms. Monek was not always a teacher.  She worked as a Marketing and Advertising Account Executive for a few years after college.  When asked about the experience Ms. Monek stated, “I really enjoyed working in a creative environment, and I learned a lot about the field. I still use many of those skills as a teacher.

Ms. Monek is currently reading “Look Both Ways: A Tale Told in Ten Blocks,” written by Jason Reynolds.  Ms. Monek plans to read the book to her classes.