Teacher Tuesday – Ms. McKeown

Ms. McKeown

Meet Mrs. McKeown

Ms. McKeown is a first year Special Education teacher with APS and an 18-year veteran teacher.   “Fabulous,” is how Ms. McKeown describes her year so far.  “I have supplies and technology to support my students’ learning as well as my own.  The professional development I have attended has been functional and appropriate to my role as a Special Educator teaching science, and the faculty and administration here at Swanson are kind and sincere.

As a grade school student, Ms. McKeown struggled with academics and didn’t like going to school.  “I had a few warm and genuine teachers who made coming to school and learning new skills bearable.”  Ms. McKeown works hard to ensure that her students feel that same warmth.  A former administrator in Prince William county, Michele Sullivan, was an inspiration to Ms. McKeown.  “From her I have learned the importance of having balance in life as a teacher.”

When asked what the greatest joy of her job is, Ms. McKeown replied, “The greatest joy in my job is the “Ah ha” moment,  when a student was sure they would never understand something, and they prove themselves wrong.  Ms. McKeown would tell others aspiring to teach to “Let what is right for the student guide your decisions.”

If Ms. McKeown were not teaching, she would own and run a yarn shop.  She is currently reading Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine.