Teacher Tuesday – Mr. Swanson!

Mr. Swanson helping two students Mr Swanson with student





Meet Mr. Swanson

Mr. Swanson is in his 4th year with APS as a physical science teacher.  Mr. Swanson first became interested in teaching while in the 6th grade after being asked to be a peer tutor.  About the experience he stated, “I was feeling good about the difference I was making for that person I was helping.”  When asked about a leader or mentor who inspired him, he referenced one of his first principals, Dr. Darrell McDowell.  Mr. Swanson feels that Dr. McDowell, “showed me what it took to be a good leader of students and of colleagues. He taught me the importance of creating positive, genuine relationships to maximize happiness and ultimately learning and productivity. “

Mr. Swanson’s proudest moments within APS are those where he can help a student or colleague realize their goal.  When asked if there are any challenges Mr. Swanson answered, “Creating balance between work and home is never easy in this profession, but finding balance is what is needed to be your best for the students, your family, and yourself.”

What advice does Mr. Swanson have for those thinking of teaching – “Start by rolling up your sleeves, because anything worth having is worth the work you put into it!  Be willing to go for what you want, find good people who can lift you up as you aspire toward your goal, and don’t be afraid to ask questions.”

In an alternate life Mr. Swanson would be Billy Joel, creating and playing music around the world while still having the sense of humbleness and humility that he believes Billy Joel maintains.