Teacher Tuesday – Mr. Norris!

Mr. Norris

Meet Mr. Norris

Mr. Norris is the Director of Bands for Swanson Middle School.  A 26-year veteran of APS, Mr. Norris previously worked as a Snare Drummer “The Commandant’s Own” in the United States Marine Drum and Bugle Corps.  Mr. Norris was born in England and became a US Citizen at the age of 35.When asked what makes band so important for students Mr. Norris replied, “Band” is important because (like other performing arts) it requires an individual to synthesize concepts from many other disciplines, along with personal human experience (with others doing the same), in order to create a shared “in real-time” work of art. “

Mr. Norris’ high school Band director made a big impact in his life.  “Through band Mr. Walker created an environment where EVERYONE felt needed, and important (even nerds like me). I wanted to be able to provide the same sense of belonging and identity to students who may or may not, have found a place to fit into school culture otherwise.”

When asked what advice he would give for those aspiring to similar leadership roles Mr. Norris stated, “Always remember that everyone you come in contact with is facing challenges that you may never know about.”

Working with animals would have been Mr. Norris’ second career choice.  Mr. Norris is currently reading “Americans At War” by Stephen Ambrose.