Teacher Tuesday – Meet Ms. Seliskar!

Ms. SeliskarMeet Ms. Seliskar

Ms. Seliskar teaches 8th grade science and has been with APS for 28 years.

While attending Wakefield High School, Ms. Seliskar met Barbara Whittier, her science teacher and greatest mentor.  When speaking about Ms. Whittier, Ms. Seliskar states, “The dedication she had to helping her students is a model I still strive for today.”

Ms. Seliskar’s proudest moments with APS is when she can watch students share their independent science research.  “When students work up the courage to share their research publicly in the science fair or VJAS they are using so many important skills that they will be able to take with them in the future.  It is a joy to watch.”  When asked about the joys and challenges of her job Ms. Seliskar replied, “My greatest joy each day is getting to be in the classroom with the students.  Their energy and views of the world are always inspiring to me.  My biggest challenge is making sure that each day I help them channel their energy in positive directions that will help them in their future!”

How does Ms. Seliskar keep herself motivated to be the best teacher she can be? “I love finding new ways to discuss and explain science concepts. We live in such an exciting time these days with new ideas and innovations popping up all the time.  There is always a new and fresh application to bring into the classroom.”

Ms. Seliskar would share the following with those aspiring to teach. “Being a teacher is one of the most challenging and exciting jobs you can have.  I always tell my students that teaching is a lot of things, but it is absolutely never boring.  Science teaching is most fun because we have all the toys to play with too 😊.”