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Teacher Tuesday – Meet Ms. Hutto

Hutto2Meet Ms. Hutto

Ms. Hutto is a special education teacher who has worked for APS for the past 18 years.  Ms. Hutto is also a recent retiree with Gap, Inc. where she worked for almost 30 years.   You might be surprised to learn that Ms. Hutto has worked since the age of 16, was an expert sharpshooter on the rifle team at summer camp, and that she used to own a horse, “I began riding at age 8.”

Ms. Hutto has always been involved with children.  “During my childhood, I had young siblings that I took care of and as I grew older, I spent my young teen years babysitting.  At 19, after many years as a camp counselor, I began working full time to pay my way through college at GapKids, Inc. as a sales associate. I worked my way up to Store Manager with 50 employees on my team where our primary focus was centered around kids. Working with children and young adults has been a part of my life since the beginning.”

Ms. Hutto plays a vital role at Swanson.  “I work with all the students at Swanson and they have a range of abilities and multiple talents.  I work to bring a refreshing vision of diversity to the students and staff alike with my honesty and commitment to high expectations for all students.”

“Every year I have students who come back to say thank you and reconnect.  These are always moments that make my teaching career worthwhile. There are several female students that I keep in touch with whose successes have made my career worthwhile.  One is in dental school, one followed in my footsteps and got her master’s degree in education, and two have started beautiful families that I get to watch grow. Having these students wish to stay connected long after they have left the doors at Swanson, keeps me motivated to keep making those important connections.”

When asked for her thoughts on teaching during the COVID-19 pandemic Ms. Hutto responded, “Teaching during COVID-19 has been difficult for a variety of reasons; however, I have grown closer to my students and their families in ways that I could never have imagined for which I am truly grateful.”

More than one leader has inspired Ms. Hutto in her career path.  “There were a handful of strong women district managers I had the fortune of working under early on in my career when I was between the ages of 19-25.  Their personal leadership style, sense of mentorship, and independence became a philosophy I quickly adopted myself.  They taught me how to teach, scaffold, coach, as well as how to build collaboration and communication avenues that go both ways.  I continue to utilize these strategies successfully with my students today.”

Ms. Hutto gives the following advice to aspiring teachers.  “I would say, get in the field and try it out first; go shadow someone.  Every year I have students who come back and ask to shadow, do a senior experience, or volunteer to work in my classroom with me.  I am very authentic with them so they can see firsthand what it would be like to be a teacher, the hard work as well as the rewards.”

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