Teacher Tuesday – Meet Ms. Hutsell

Ms. HutsellMeet Ms. Hutsell

Ms. Hutsell is a 6th grade science teacher who has been with APS for 13 years.  She has earned her National Board Certification and has been recognized by the APS School Board for her accomplishment.

Ms. Hutsell credits her work at a tutoring agency, while attending Yorktown High School, with stimulating her interest in teaching.  “They asked me in my interview if I wanted to become a teacher.  I said no way.  They still hired me and here I am today!”  During her teaching career Ms. Hutsell has found that the greatest joy of her job is watching students learn and achieve things they didn’t think possible.    Ms. Hutsell states, “Anytime a student shares they want to become a teacher (especially a math or science teacher), my day, year, and career have been made!”

We asked Ms. Hutsell how she keeps herself motivated and challenged to be the best teacher she can be.  In answer she stated, “Arlington is filled with amazing teachers.  My peers challenge me to try new strategies, think outside the box, and keep me tech savvy.”  Ms. Hutsell feels that her line of teaching is important because, “Science explains the world around us! It’s how and why things work the way they do.”

Something outside that classroom that has shaped Ms. Hutsell as a teacher is having her daughter.  “I’ve loved teaching, but since having my daughter, she has made me appreciate students as wonderful individuals. You are the best at being you. You’re the expert.  No one else can do it!”

Ms. Hutsell would give the following advice to anyone aspiring to become a teacher, “Let people know your goals so they can help get you there by giving you leadership experiences.”