Teacher Tuesday – Meet Ms. Campbell!

Ms. Campbell and her daughterMeet Ms. Campbell

Ms. Campbell, a graduate of APS, has been teaching 7th and 8th grade math for the past 14 years.

While Ms. Campbell came from a long line of teachers on her mother’s side, teaching was not a part of her career path.  But, it was a teacher that made a big impression on her.  “I was inspired by my 6th grade math teacher when I was a student at Swanson, Ms. B. Hartman.  She was the first teacher I had who made math fun and interesting.  She was one of my only math teachers who encouraged students to ask questions and would actually answer them!  I admired her patience and deep understanding of math.”

We asked Ms. Campbell what was the greatest joy in her job to which she responded, “The greatest joy in my job is that moment when a student really gets a concept and is excited to share that knowledge with others.”  If Ms. Campbell were not a teacher, she would like to be a pastry chef.  “I’ve never actually made pastries, but I always wanted to learn.”

What is Ms. Campbell reading?  “I am in between books at the moment, but my favorite book (or series) I read this last year was Brandon Sanderson’s Way of Kings trilogy.”