Swanson Teacher of the Year – Mr. Campbell!

Swanson Teacher of the Year - Mr. Campbell!KEN CAMPBELL


     Mr. Campbell has been selected as Swanson’s 2019 Teacher of the Year.  Mr. Campbell teaches 8th Grade World Geography and serves as the Schooners Team Leader.  He has been with Arlington Public Schools for 11 years.  In collaboration with 8th grade World Geography team, Mr. Campbell uses flipped lessons, project-based learning, collaborative learning, self-paced digital lessons, simulations, split classes, and most everything in between to enrich his classes and get his student excited about learning.  Mr. Campbell feels that, “World Geography stands at a unique crossroads of science, English, and history, and serves as an introduction to a wealth of other fields of study to which many students would not otherwise be introduced until college.  My class literally functions as a place to discover and discuss issues that do and will continue to impact students throughout their entire lives, to correct misconceptions about the world, to see us and others from differing perspectives, and to encourage tolerance, openness, and collaboration.”

Congratulations Mr. Campbell on a job well done!