Support Staff Employee of the Year

Karla McGhee

Swanson’s Support Staff Employee of the Year

Ms. Karla McGhee

Ms. McGhee has been selected as the 2019-2020 Support Staff Employee of the year!  Ms. McGhee has served as the school’s registrar for the past five years.  She also co-sponsors the Latina Youth Leading at Swanson (LYLAS) club.  “I love working with students.  Not everyone has a support system, so I do my best to give every student what they need.”  Faculty and staff depend on Ms. McGhee’s people skills.  She makes it her business to be welcoming to all students and their families as they navigate the registration process.  Ms. McGhee and her husband DeMarcus enjoy a one-year old son – Isaiah. Congratulations to Ms. McGhee!