Stress Less, Laugh More Week!

Next week is Stress Less, Laugh More Week!

We know this time away from school has been stressful for many of us. Check out these activities for Stress Less, Laugh More Week! Tweet  @SwansonAdmirals how you are staying active, mindful and creative! Want more activities? Check out the counseling department Canvas pages for social-emotional learning lessons and more resources.

Calm Monday

Creative Tuesday

Active Wednesday

Mindful Thursday

Field Trip Friday!

Jigsaw Puzzles

Word Searches

Washington Post Games

Online Coloring Book

Staying Active

Yoga for Stress Relief

Mindful Breathing

San Diego Zoo

Yellowstone National Park


Atlanta Zoo Panda Cam

The Louvre

Great Wall of China

Boston Children’s Museum

10 Simple Ways to Relieve Stress Check out the Social Emotional Learning lessons and more activities like these on the Counseling Canvas pages!