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FAQs for SOL Testing Verified Credit for Geometry and Algebra SOLsAll students currently in middle school:

  • Only need 1 verified credit in math to meet graduation requirements for any type of diploma. Students who earn verified credits for math in middle school, are still expected to sit for a math SOL in high school if that course requires it.

8th grader in Geometry:

  • If students were here last year they were granted a verified credit for their Algebra I course (assuming they accepted the credit). That is the only math verified credit they need for graduation requirements.
  • If they opt not to take the geometry SOL this year, they can still receive a credit for the course, just not a verified credit.   They would not receive a verified credit in geometry, unless they sat for the geometry SOL in HS.

8th grader in Algebra:

  • If they want to receive a verified credit in Algebra I they would have to take the SOL this year or take it at the HS.
  • As far as graduation requirements, they do NOT have to have a verified algebra I credit, so they could get their verified math credit in geometry or algebra II in high school (or by an alternative test – but students will have regular SOL courses that they’ll take in high school so unlikely they would need to use the alternative tests.

7th grader in Algebra:

  • If they want a verified credit in algebra I, then they would either need to take the SOL this year or potentially take both the algebra and geometry SOLs next spring
  • For graduation requirements, they only need one verified credit in math so they could do that with geometry or algebra II instead.

Will grades be affected if students opt out? No.  Opting out will not affect math or reading grades. Is there anything we must do to get signed up for the remote assessment option being provided by the VA Department of Education? Parents of full-time distance learners must officially opt students out to take the virtual tests.  Information regarding how and when the Virginia Remote Student Progress Tests will be administered will be made available after April 27th and will be sent directly to distance learning families who have officially opted out of in-person SOLs. Families can find more information about these tests on the APS Assessment page as well as  Is there a remote test for all content areas?Remote tests are available for grades 6-8 reading, grades 6-8 math and grade 8 science.  There is not a test available for Algebra or Geometry. What if my child is Hybrid and wants to opt out of SOLs?While Hybrid students have the right to opt out of SOLs, they are not eligible to take the Remote Tests.   It sounds like if we are uncomfortable with our unvaccinated children physically coming into the building due to COVID-19 concerns, then we will have no choice but to first refuse the SOL then request the Remote Assessment.  This is correct.  Full-time distance learners must first fill out an Opt Out form before they qualify for Remote SOLs.  This opt form is to state that you are opting your child out of in-person SOLs.  If they participate in the SOLs remotely, will they receive scores and reports of achievement for each subject so they will know where they fall on the assessments? Remote SOLs will be scored, however, most likely there will not be any score reports for the remote tests.    Will students be taking the remote (and in-person) SOLs on school iPads?Yes.  Please have them charged and ready to go.  Students should make sure that the TestNav8 app has been downloaded to their iPads.  Will my son will still get a N/A on his transcript?  The student will have an SOL score report that reflects NS for no score. What is the benefit of having him sit for the “Remote Assessment”?Scores from the Remote Student Progress Tests may be helpful in determining student achievement and identifying areas in which your student may need additional instruction. We are curious to know about how many kids/room, how kids will be spaced out, etc.Covid protocols regarding the number of students per room will be followed.   (These numbers have been determined for Swanson and are currently in use for Hybrid students.)  The number ranges from 8 to 21 – depending on room size.  There will be some larger areas used for testing as well (such as the cafeteria and the library).  Test groups in those areas will be larger as the rooms are much larger.  Distancing protocols will be followed in all areas.   The SOL Opt Out form is for SOL Parental Refusal, which does not seem to apply.The opt out form is to opt out of in-person SOLs. If we were to opt out of doing the SOL this year when do we have to inform you by and what is the specific procedure for that.Parents have the right to opt out students until the morning of the test.  Of course, we would greatly appreciate knowing well ahead of time! Please let us know as soon as possible by reaching out to your grade level counselor or Swanson’s Testing Coordinator at

  1. If we were to opt out of the SOL would this impact having the opportunity to be placed in advanced and or gifted classes next year.

​Due to the pandemic and parental concerns regarding sending students in for testing, the State has waived any consequences that would normally apply due to parental refusal.

  1. I am very confused about the VDOE remote assessment, this is the first I have heard about this and it states there is a remote test option for full time distance learning students who will not go to the school to take the SOL test? is this test compulsory for students who decide to opt out of the SOL or is participation in the test voluntary?

​I understand your confusion.  This is new territory we are all navigating!  The remote option the Superintendent spoke of is not an official SOL as it cannot be administered using SOL protocols. The test is not compulsory.

  1. It also states VDOE remote assessment will be available on April 12, is this the date of the test and the only date of the test? This would give very little preparation time as my understanding is that the actual SOL tests are in May and June

The April 12 date is the date the test will first become available.  Swanson’s full time distance learning students who have opted out of SOLs will not be taking the remote SOLs until mid- to late-May and early June.