Scholastic Art Awards

Swanson Middle School won 39 awards in the 2015 National Scholastic Art Awards!
Since 1923, the National Scholastic Art Awards has been the oldest visual art competition in the nation.  All 75 submissions are on display near the auditorium.  The Gold Keys will be on display at the Central Library during the month of March.  The award ceremony will be at Washington Lee High School on March 9th at 6pm.

The following students won a Gold Key: Grace Cheek, Dominick Cocozza, Lillian Di Benigno, Renee Dixon, Mary-Elizabeth Durgavich, Cari Farmer, Clemens Finger, Angela Gormley, Avery Goudie, Henry Hassett, Rachel Heinemann, Aidan Holland, Olivia Juras, Danila Konoplev, Abby Lewis, Calder Lowenthal, Theo Mazarr, Kelly McArdle, Jack McMahon, Mackenzie Nemoto, McCarthy Simmons, Olivia Springberg (3 Gold), Sophie Wheelock.The following students won a Silver Key:  Tor Bauman, Olivia Juras, Victoria Summitt, Sophie Wheelock

The following students won Honorable Mention:  Dominick Cocozza, Isabel Craige, Lia Kiknadze (2), Zarah King, Jackson Pope, Nathalie Saulnier, Max Streitwieser, Aidan Wrenn-Walz