Ms. McKeown is an APS All-Star!

Ms. Mckeown, APS All STARCongratulations to Ms. McKeown for being an APS All-Star for March! As her nomination reads: “Ms. McKeown is extremely hard-working. She seems to work 24 hours a day to create an inclusive learning environment for my child! Her classroom is my child’s safe space. She beams with positive energy and hope. If her plan doesn’t work, she just comes up with a new plan– she is constantly putting so much creativity and energy into her work. She helps so many different students with so many different challenges yet she makes my child feel like the center of her day. How does she keep all of these balls in the air? How does she never give up hope? Ms. McKeown’s ability to tackle so much, with so much love and compassion, is extraordinary. She is a gift to our family. She is a gift to our entire community!”