Teacher Tuesday

Teacher Tuesday – Mr. Norris!

Meet Mr. Norris Mr. Norris is the Director of Bands for Swanson Middle School.  A 26-year veteran of APS, Mr. Norris previously worked as a Snare Drummer “The Commandant’s Own” in the United States Marine Drum and Bugle Corps.  Mr. Norris was born in England and became a US Citizen at the age of 35.When […]

Teacher Tuesday – Ms. Nemeth!

Meet Ms. Nemeth! Ms. Nemeth has worked in APS for six years as a Health and Physical Education teacher.  She decided on this career path in the fifth grade.  “As a student with a language based learning disability, Dyslexia, school always seemed to be an uphill battle.  Physical Education was a class where I consistently […]

Teacher Tuesday – Ms. Monek

Meet Ms. Monek Ms. Monek grew up in a household were both her mother and father were teachers.  She explains that, “They both taught me that accomplishing your goals requires hard work and dedication. They also showed me that learning can and should be fun.”  She keeps the latter in mind when creating lessons for […]

Teacher Tuesday – Ms. Carpenter!

Meet Ms. Carpenter! Ms. Carpenter teaches Spanish and has been with APS for 17 years.  Ms. Carpenter feels that APS is a great place to work.  In her words, “We are fortunate to have a wonderful staff and a variety of resources to help our students succeed in school.  Our department is extremely important because, […]

Teacher Tuesday – Ms. Rivera!

Meet Ms. Rivera Ms. Rivera is a former Swanson Admiral!  Ms. Rivera is in her second year of teaching and comes to APS from James Madison University.  Ms. Rivera teaches Pre-Algebra and Algebra. Ms. Rivera decided in the 10th grade that she wanted to be a math teacher.  In her words, “I had an AMAZING […]

Teacher Tuesday – Mr. Swanson!

        Meet Mr. Swanson Mr. Swanson is in his 4th year with APS as a physical science teacher.  Mr. Swanson first became interested in teaching while in the 6th grade after being asked to be a peer tutor.  About the experience he stated, “I was feeling good about the difference I was […]

Teacher Tuesday!

Meet Ms. Buckles Ms. Buckles is starting her 1st year of teaching as a 6th grade social studies teacher here at Swanson Middle School.   Ms. Buckles is a Double Duke who has completed both her graduate and undergraduate coursework at James Madison University. She has a B.A. in History and she received her Master of […]