Teacher Tuesday

Teacher Tuesday – Meet Ms. Gombos!

Meet Ms. Gombos Ms. Gombos is a third-year math teacher here at Swanson.  She teaches both math 6 and Pre-Algebra 6/7/8.  Ms. Gombos is the freshman head basketball coach and assistant varsity girls’ soccer coach at Washington-Liberty High School. Ms. Gombos has her father to thank for her love of working with students.  Her father […]

Teacher Tuesday – Meet Ms. Perry!

Meet Ms. Perry Ms. Perry teaches 6th grade math and has been with APS for 5 years.  Positions previously held by Ms. Perry include Elementary Resource Teacher at a Title 1 School outside of Atlanta, Village Director and Counselor at Camp Crestridge for Girls, sales associate at GAP and Hallmark, and an ABA therapist in […]

Teacher Tuesday – Meet Ms. Pacifico!

Meet Ms. Pacifico! Ms. Pacifico has been with APS for 13 years in a variety of positions.  She has served at Washington-Liberty as a math teacher and field hockey coach, as a math specialist in the APS central office, and is currently teaching intensified geometry and pre-algebra here at Swanson. Working with and getting to […]

Teacher Tuesday – Meet Ms. McMahon!

Meet Ms. McMahon Ms. McMahon is an 11-year veteran APS social studies teacher.  A true Swanson Admiral, Ms. McMahon has been teaching at Swanson for her entire career.   She grew up in Arlington and graduated from APS. Ms. McMahon named several educators who have inspired her and who have made a difference in her career.  […]

Teacher Tuesday – Meet Ms. Lyford!

Meet Ms. Lyford Ms. Lyford is an 8th grade English teacher who has been teaching with APS for two years.  Ms. Lyford feels that her role as an English teacher is important to her student’s education.  “I am biased, but I think it’s hard to argue that any class is more important than English Language […]

Teacher Tuesday – Meet Ms. Caldwell!

Meet Ms. Caldwell Ms. Caldwell is Swanson’s Theatre Arts teacher and is enjoying her fourth year of teaching with APS.  She has previously worked as a theatre teacher at Duke Ellington School of the Arts, a teaching assistant, and an artistic director for community theatre.  In her spare time, Ms. Caldwell is also a performer. […]

Teacher Tuesday – Meet Ms. Hutsell

Meet Ms. Hutsell Ms. Hutsell is a 6th grade science teacher who has been with APS for 13 years.  She has earned her National Board Certification and has been recognized by the APS School Board for her accomplishment. Ms. Hutsell credits her work at a tutoring agency, while attending Yorktown High School, with stimulating her […]

Teacher Tuesday – Meet Ms. Darling!

Meet Ms. Darling Ms. Darling is a Spanish teacher who came to APS from Fairfax County Public Schools.  She has been teaching for 11 years.  Ms. Darling completed her master’s degree in Education Leadership in the summer of 2019.  Ms. Darling studied abroad in both Valencia, Spain, and Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica and loves to […]

Teacher Tuesday – Ms. McKeown

Meet Mrs. McKeown Ms. McKeown is a first year Special Education teacher with APS and an 18-year veteran teacher.   “Fabulous,” is how Ms. McKeown describes her year so far.  “I have supplies and technology to support my students’ learning as well as my own.  The professional development I have attended has been functional and appropriate […]

Teacher Tuesday – Mr. Brown!

Meet Mr. Brown Mr. Brown is an English Learner (EL) teacher who teaches both English Language Arts and Science.  Before coming to APS Mr. Brown taught English at schools in China, Korea, and Bolivia.  He first became interested in teaching after college.  “I tutored elementary school students in literacy for AmeriCorps in Oakland, CA. I […]