Teacher Tuesday

Teacher Tuesday – Meet Ms. Rauseo!

Meet Ms. Rauseo A former International Flight Attendant & Language Translator for US Airways, Madame Rauseo currently teaches French and serves as the World Languages Department Chair.  She is co-sponsor of The Swanson Club de Français. When asked what makes the Foreign Language Department important for students, Ms. Rauseo shared a quote from The Economist, […]

Teacher Tuesday – Meet Ms. Chiu!

Meet Ms. Chiu Employed for the past 16 years with APS, Ms. Chiu is a reading specialist and the lead English Language Arts teacher at Swanson.  During her tenure with APS Ms. Chiu has also worked at Hoffman Boston Elementary School and Gunston Middle School.  Ms. Chiu also worked with AmeriCorps and taught English at […]

Teacher Tuesday – Meet Ms. Campbell!

Meet Ms. Campbell Ms. Campbell, a graduate of APS, has been teaching 7th and 8th grade math for the past 14 years. While Ms. Campbell came from a long line of teachers on her mother’s side, teaching was not a part of her career path.  But, it was a teacher that made a big impression […]

Teacher Tuesday – Mr. Demarino

Meet Mr. DeMarino Mr. DeMarino teaches Technology Education and has been with APS for 19 years.  While with APS Mr. DeMarino has also served as a photography teacher, yearbook adviser, and morning announcements producer. “My interests in kids and education came from growing up in a small town where people took care of each other. […]

Teacher Tuesday – Meet Mr. Bane

Meet Mr. Bane Mr. Bane is a 6th Grade U.S. History, Civics and Economics Teacher who has been with APS for four years.  Before coming to APS Mr. Bane taught in Volusia County Schools in Florida for 23 years. Two of Mr. Bane’s teachers got him interested in education.  “My 8th grade history teacher showed […]

Teacher Tuesday – Meet Ms. Seliskar!

Meet Ms. Seliskar Ms. Seliskar teaches 8th grade science and has been with APS for 28 years. While attending Wakefield High School, Ms. Seliskar met Barbara Whittier, her science teacher and greatest mentor.  When speaking about Ms. Whittier, Ms. Seliskar states, “The dedication she had to helping her students is a model I still strive […]

Teacher Tuesday – Meet Ms. Jones!

Meet Ms. Jones Ms. Jones teaches 7th and 8th grade Special Education math and is in her 4th year with APS.  Ms. Jones feels that her role as a special education teacher is critical for students who have diverse learning needs. “Being able to teach to my student’s strengths and come up with ways to […]

Teacher Tuesday – Meet Ms. Behrens

Meet Ms. Behrens Ms. Behrens is a 7th grade English Language Arts teacher who has been with APS, at Swanson for the past six years. Teaching runs in Ms. Behrens’ family.  Her mom was a fifth-grade teacher for twenty years, and still works in Loudoun County as an administrator.  “Experiencing school as a “teacher’s kid” […]

Teacher Tuesday – Meet Ms. Williams!

Meet Ms. Williams Ms. Williams teaches Business and Information Technology and serves as the yearbook adviser at Swanson Middle School.  Ms. Williams has taught in the same classroom at Swanson for the past 12 years. Born into a family of educators, Ms. Williams believes that teaching has always been in her blood.  “Ever since I […]

Teacher Tuesday – Meet Ms. Samuel!

Meet Ms. Samuel An 11-year veteran with APS, Ms. Samuel teaches reading here at Swanson.  Ms. Samuel also served as a Reading Specialist at Randolph Elementary School. Ms. Samuel originally attended college to study nursing and later changed her major to teaching so that she could teach reading.  “I started working in education when I […]