8th Grade Promotion

Eighth Grade Promotion

Swanson 8th graders are being promoted to high school! Please join us in celebrating them on Thursday, June 17th. First, tune into our online promotion ceremony video at 10 AM. You will find the video link at https://youtu.be/9NPiymiSaP0 . The video will not premiere until 10AM on the 17th. A downloadable version will be posted here after the event! Note: Eighth graders will not attend school on Thursday, June 17th, and eight grade classes are not held that day, so that students may watch and celebrate from home.

Students and families are invited to watch our staff car parade through Swanson neighborhoods. We’ll come to you with spirited congratulations, so please check the parade route to plan your best spot for attending. Cars will leave Swanson School at approximately 12 PM and the parade will continue for about 2 hours. See you there!