Month: May 2016

How To Draw

The Art Department started this year with “How To Draw” using a variety of graphite pencils, erasers and blending stumps. Here is a small example of what the 7th and 8th Graders produced:

Scholastic Art Awards

Swanson Middle School won 39 awards in the 2015 National Scholastic Art Awards! Since 1923, the National Scholastic Art Awards has been the oldest visual art competition in the nation.  All 75 submissions are on display near the auditorium.  The Gold Keys will be on display at the Central Library during the month of March.  […]

Swanson’s Mission Statement

The Art STAR finished their first major project:  Swanson’s Mission Statement

The Big Draw

Swanson’s Middle School’s ART STAR (homeroom) organized  “The Big Draw” in STAR during the week of October 26th. Each STAR received an envelope of alphabet letters for the students to draw, doodle or decorate using any type of drawing materials. The students drew each day from 7:50-8:10am. At the end of the week, the ART STAR will […]

Art Department on Social Media!

We are now on Twitter and Instagram! Check out the beautiful artwork by Swanson Middle School students! Twitter @SwansonMSart   Instagram @swansonarts

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Sets

The Visual Arts students painted the sets for Drama’s Charlie and The Chocolate Factory! The play will be this weekend- Saturday at 2pm or 7pm and Sunday at 2pm.


Swanson finished their Rain Barrel and here are the details: People voted for their favorite rain barrels!  The public was able to view all 37 rain barrels and vote for their favorite or favorites! Each “vote” was $1 and people voted as many times and as often as they wished All the barrels were exhibited at George […]