Letter to Grade 6 Parents – Fall 2020

Gifted Service at Swanson Middle School

September 2020 

Dear Grade 6 Parents:

Welcome to Swanson! As we begin the unique 2020- 21 school year online, I’m writing to assure you that identified gifted students will continue to receive services as they have in previous school years. Middle Schools in Arlington use a collaborative team approach in which the Resource Teacher for the Gifted and the classroom teacher work together to provide services for all students identified as gifted. In this model, the classroom teachers have the primary responsibility for differentiating instruction for students identified for gifted services.  Your child will be grouped with other gifted students in every content area of their identification. Your child’s teachers have your child’s identification information. Additionally, the RTG supports gifted identified students, teachers, and parents in a variety of ways. This may include but is not limited to:

  • Groupings and flexible regrouping for instruction
  • Co-planning and co-teaching
  • New or additional gifted identification
  • Individual student projects and opportunities
  • School wide enrichment opportunities (Geography, History, and Spelling Bees are being revisited and adjusted for online learning).)
  • Small group instruction at the request of the classroom teacher
  • Individualized student support and staff collaboration for 2e, 504, and EL
  • Letters of recommendation for high school, special programs, and summer programs.
  • Parent information including Quarterly Differentiation Letters by content area via a list serve.

I look forward to working with you, your child, and your child’s teachers to create a very successful middle school experience!

In partnership,

Sharen Humann