Drama BannerSwanson Middle School Theatre Program

Monique Caldwell
Theatre Teacher/Director
“Setting the Stage for Success”


“Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”

Swanson Theatre Department

April 2016


THEATRE ARTS EXPLORATORY (Admiral’s Wheel- 6th )

Beginning drama students learn the basics of theatre through the 5 Basic Acting Tools (Focus, Imagination, Voice, Collaboration, and Communication). Each student will have an opportunity to discover the artist within and develop personally as they apply their new found knowledge in classroom activities. This course develops creativity and spontaneity in those students wanting toexplore theatre, as well as those who wish to commit to a theatre program.


THEATRE ARTS (Year-long/Semester – 7/8th)

This course allows students to build on the tools gained in Exploratory Learning and advance those skills to
the next level. In this class students will be encouraged to think more critically, take greater risks, and hone their skills as young artist studying the craft of theatre. Students will be introduced to playwriting, storytelling, monologues, directing, and other student initiated projects and classroom activities.

Pictures of our “Student Run” tech crew from “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”