Semester Classes (7th and 8th Grade)

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8th Grade Drama Class – Course Description 

In this class, students will build upon skills learned in previous classes with a focus more on independent work, such as refining and developing more complex characters and scenes. Students will have more opportunities for self-directed work, and perfecting their overall performances as actors. In addition, students will learn to incorporate various technical theatre elements such as light, sound, and video to their stage work. Lastly, students will continue to demonstrate an understanding of stage terminology, vocabulary, and historical context, through classroom discussions, activities, group work, presentations, journal prompts and quizzes.

7th Grade Drama Class – Course Description

In this class, students will refine their dramatic skills learned through the Admirals Wheel (through theatre games and ensemble work) to focusing more on the sophisticated skills of building characters through role play, monologues and scene work. Students will also be introduced to vocabulary terms, historical facts, and those who influenced various elements in theatre.   They will be exhibiting their understanding of these concepts through group work, presentations,  journal prompts and quizzes.