With Naviance, students are able to use the following features:

  • Define and Document their Goals
  • Academic Planning/Planner Post-Secondary
  • Exploration Career
  • Assessment and Exploration
  • Individual Learning and Career
  • Personality and Learning Style Assessment
  • Electronic Portfolio
  • Resume Builder
  • Apply their computer literacy skills
  • Increase communication skills

Parents/Guardians are able to:

  • Access and review their child’s  portfolio as its developed throughout the year
  • Explore the program with your child
  • Makes suggestions and revisions
  • Easily communicate with their child’s counselor

Naviance is a web-portal that provides a unique individualized customized experience for our students to engage in early career and college readiness activities.

  • Username: Student ID
  • Password: Your birthday

Click on the link below to access Naviance: